Quick, easy wins to make a house a home

Just moved into a new place and want to make your mark on it? Feeling like your existing house is not quite as homely as it could be? You don’t need to spend a small fortune or go to the effort of total redecoration to make your house into a home. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite decorative accessories that will transform your home in the blink of an eye!

Revamp your living room with new cushions

A super simple and affordable way to amp up the style stakes in your living room and create a cosy, inviting space to relax in is to invest in some new cushions for your sofas and armchairs. We love the pretty watercolour prints by Bluebellgray, they’re a modern twist on traditional florals and inject a wonderful zap of colour, and some sassy pompoms, into a neutral room.

Make style statements of kitchen staples

Tea towels and oven gloves might seem like boring old essentials, but you can also use them to add some personal style to your kitchen. Look for collections like Breton by Seasalt and Couture Rose by Designers Guild, so that you can coordinate the accessories and really tie together what could otherwise be a’ drab and dreary kitchen.

Warm up a room with a new lampshade

Although lampshades may not feel like a priority when you move into a new home, the difference they make to a room is astounding! There’s nothing worse than seeing a bare bulb and putting up with harsh lighting. Adding a lampshade helps to diffuse the light to create a softer, warmer ambience, and it immediately creates a lived-in vibe that will make you feel right at home. Bluebellgray are our favourites when it comes to lampshades.

Invest in practical and pretty candles

Nothing is more inviting than the aroma of scented candles, and lighting a few in your home also creates a really cosy, relaxing ambience. We love the elegant collection of Newport Cloche candles, they smell divine and make for beautiful ornaments, which means they’re a fab two in one accessory to invest in. Plus, they’re really versatile; you can add them to shelves, mantelpieces, bookcases, coffee tables, bedside tables or bathroom cabinets for a quick and easy homely touch.

Showcase some memories with photo frames

Any house with family photos immediately becomes a home, so pull together some of your favourite memories and find some fabulous frames to showcase them in. We particularly love the Glencairn Multi-frame range because they’re an easy way to group together photos from certain events, like weddings, holidays or milestone birthday parties.

Cut out the draught and get cosy

Find yourself shivering at the hands of a pesky draught? A super simple way to deal with this is with a draught excluder. There are plenty of modern, stylish prints to choose from in our collection, and don’t forget to add a snuggly throw for an added homely touch and to ensure you’ve got something warm to wrap around you when you settle down to watch a movie or lose yourself in a good book.

Create open spaces with doorstops

If you love the idea of open plan living but don’t have the budget to start knocking down walls, opt for a doorstop instead! Propping a door open can let a little more light into small areas and really change the sense of space in a room. Plus, the adorable animal doorstops in our collection are just so cute and add a super quirky, homely touch!