Ulster Weavers, the very best in quirky yet traditional homeware and kitchen textiles

With their charming designs, irresistibly bold colours and exceptional quality linens, there’s no wonder Ulster Weavers is one of our all time favourite homeware brands. If you’re not yet accustomed with this 800-year-old family company, get ready to fall in love as we take a look at what makes their simple kitchen textiles staples simply oh so special!

Ulster Weavers’ historic journey

Ulster Weavers first came into being back in 1880, when the family business was formed in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Back then, it was known as The Ulster Weaving Company and became world renowned for its expert spinning, weaving, bleaching and finishing of high quality linens. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the company began to branch out into kitchen textiles, creating Irish Linen tea towels and various coordinating kitchen accessories and giftware.

In 1990 The Ulster Weaving Company was divided into two sectors; Ulster Weavers Home Fashions and Ulster Weavers Apparel. Since then, UW Home Fashions have gone from strength to strength, and although their operations remain based in good old Holywood, the company has expanded production of their products all over the world.

Ulster Weavers is such a reputable, quality brand that Queen Elizabeth II herself is an advocate. Since 1995 the company has held the royal warrant as supplier of kitchen linens and accessories to the royal family. That’s right; if you were to snoop around the kitchens of Buckingham Palace you might just spot some Dotty Sheep, Curious Cows or any of Ulster Weavers’ other charming characters!

Traditional quality, contemporary style

What makes Ulster Weavers one of our favourite kitchen textiles brands is their knack for bringing traditional linens right into the 21st century. As we already mentioned, these guys aren’t new to the linen market and have impeccable standards for quality and craftsmanship, but their fresh, modern and endearing designs fit in perfectly with the modern home. With bright, pretty florals, adorable animals and plenty of generous splashes of bold colour, their collections are truly irresistible.

Linen is a fantastic textile for use in the kitchen because it’s really durable and very versatile. Linen tea towels are particularly handy because they’re super efficient at absorbing water, they dry very quickly and they don’t produce any lint which means they won’t leave any fibres behind on freshly washed dishes – one of our pet peeves! Linen also tends to resist dirt and stains, which makes it a perfect material for oven mitts and gloves which inevitably come into contact with food items. It can also be washed at high temperatures with minimum shrinkage or wear over long periods. It’s certainly one of the more practical fabrics out there when it comes to kitchen accessories.

The sheer variety of Ulster Weavers’ products is another factor in our love affair with the brand. They may have a reputation for producing top tea towels, but over the past five decades they have tried their hand at a whole host of other home and kitchen accessories, including tea cosies, aprons, cushions, and draught excluders to name but a few. They’ve even branched out into non-linen products and create a variety bakeware, cooking vessels, jugs, crockery, and kitchen storage accessories. This is fabulous for creating some continuity in your kitchen decor; once you’ve found a collection you love, you can invest in a series of matching pieces so that your tea cups work with your tea cosy, and your apron complements your oven mitts!

New year, new Ulster Weavers style

We may be over a month into 2017 already, but we’re still in the spirit of a fresh start and we love the thought of giving our kitchen a mini makeover just in time for spring! Ulster Weavers is one of the most perfect brands for this because each collection has a vast array of products for you to revamp your kitchen with minimal effort.

Need to inject a touch of extra colour? Pick out a collection with a bright, colourful theme and opt for key accessories that will be out on show, such as tea towels, oven gloves and coasters. Fancy a refresh of your dinnerware? Ulster Weavers have fabulous ranges of crockery for you to build a complete set, including coordinating place mats. If you’re working with an open plan kitchen-living room, you can also carry themes from the kitchen through to the living area with matching cushions, draught excluders and other homeware bit and pieces to tie the whole space together.

Our personal favourites

Ulster Weavers have so much variety in terms of design themes throughout their collections, but its the animal-themed collections which we’re utterly obsessed with. Totally cute without being too twee, this brand has plenty of fun and quirky animal designs that will inject a little joy into any kitchen.

Dotty Sheep

First up, we have the the delightful Dotty Sheep range, which includes cushions, bags, and an ironing board cover as well as the staples of tea towels and oven mitts. The designs feature a gorgeous zesty lime background with charming abstract sheep illustrations in simple black, white and grey shades. It’s bright, bold and perfect for modern kitchens.

Curious Cows

The Curious Cows range features the same sharp style as Dotty Sheep, this time with a gorgeous, rich orange background colour which is excellent for cheering up our kitchens in this drab, winter weather. You’ll see cows adorned with stripes, spots, spirals and squares across all of the range, which includes a full length apron and a couple of choices of oven gloves – perfect for bakers who love to be coordinated in the kitchen!

Hound Dog

Finally, for the dog lovers out there, we have the dashing Hound Dog collection which is a new addition to our store here at Doble and Salisbury. This collection celebrates all things canine, and features a whole host of favourite breeds, from pretty Pugs and darling Dachshunds, to lovely Labs and sassy Scotties, all sporting cute little patterned coats, collars or scarves. Kitchen accessories from this collection make for fantastic gifts for loved ones who can’t get enough of man’s best friend, but let’s face it – many of us will have no hesitation in gifting ourselves a few little treats from the Hound Dog range in honour of our love for our pups!

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